The ‘The Living Bog’ is the largest raised bog restoration project ever undertaken in Ireland. Restoration work on 12 Natura 2000 sites  throughout Ireland will improve over 2,600 hectares of threatened raised bog habitat.

Carrowbehy/Caher Bog

A large floodplain bog developed in a depression between low drumlin hills in the headwaters of the River Suck, Carrowbehy/Caher BOG SAC covers a surface area of some 343 hectares, making it one of the largest LIFE project sites.

Nestled in the heart of the Gorthaganny area, it is a fine bog with visitor facilities. Carrowbehy Bog is located in the western part of County Roscommon, 8km north-east of Ballyhaunis and 9km north of Ballinlough.

Derrinea Bog

With a lakeside location in a bog-rich part of rural northern Roscommon, Derrinea Bog is one of the most picturesque LIFE project sites, and with a total surface area of 86.18 hectares, it is also one of the smallest. Derrinea Bog is located approximately 10km northwest of Ballyhaunis, just east of the Mayo/Roscommon border.

It lies close to the northern side of the freshwater lake Cloonagh Lough and is bordered to the north and east by the long and winding River Anaderryboy, which emanates from Cloonagh Lough and links it to Errit Lough before eventually feeding into the much larger Lough Gara.