Clonalis is regarded by many as one of Ireland’s most important historic houses. Visitors will find an elegant house with a large collection of family portraits, telling a unique and interesting story.

The O’Conor family are direct descendants of the last High Kings of Ireland who were also the traditional kings of Connacht. It is said that their demense at Clonalis is the last remnant of the ancient Kingdom of Connacht and is now home to the 27th generation of O’Conor’s since the last High King of Ireland. The O’Conor family have a rich history of eleven High Kings of Ireland & 26 Kings of Connacht and have lived on this heavily wooded 800-acre estate on the banks of the River Suck for more than 1,000 years–a time unrivalled in Ireland.

On a personal guided tour, visitors will get an insight into a long and storied past of one of Ireland oldest families and most historic homes. Visitors can experience a rich heritage and history at Clonalis with correspondence, historical documents, heirlooms, objet d’art, the harp of Turlough O’Carolan (the famous blind harpist), the inauguration stone of the O’Conor Kings and family portraits which all play an integral part in the telling of the O’Conor family’s story.

The magnificent Clonalis Library, containing some 7000 volumes, is widely considered to be one of the best collections in private ownership in Ireland.